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Welcome to the New Soft Tissue Release Training
Clinical Pain Reduction
By Stuart Taws
British Sports Therapy - Soft Tissue Release

Soft Tissue Release Training pioneered by Stuart in the early 90's was the most effective and powerful answer to sports injuries. Until the '96 Olympics these techniques were used by Stuart on the fastest sprinters in the world. The mechanical concept was to strip out scar tissue using fairly deep pressure through a short stretch and regain muscle memory. This was a 'no pain – no gain' approach which proved to be painful but acceptable for young athletes. Working in a Pain Clinic for several years, this mechanical and somewhat aggressive sports injury approach was modified for low back pain and repetitive strain injuries, again with considerable success rates. In the 90's it was the most effective therapy available, the equivalent of 'British Sports Therapy Windows '98', good for the time, but by comparison now, "painfully" slow.

It is time to upgrade.

In the last five years medical researchers on chronic pain have arrived at surprising conclusions. Any 'release' therapy based on mechanical intervention by painfully stripping out scar tissue through a stretch is now redundant. It worked fairly well ten years ago, but the new 'technology' of pain relief is faster, easier and painless. Because it involves the higher centers of self-healing, it is also permanent.
Now, anyone using STR releases for sports injuries and Carpal Tunnel problems should gain immediate pain relief in one or two treatments. This is the easy part of our injury treatment work. If you are not getting these results right now then you need this training.
Chronic Pain conditions are the 'final frontier'. Do you want to be able to reduce chronic low back pain in your clients by 50% in just a few treatments? The same is true of Whiplash injuries and neck pain, shoulder and rhomboid problems, including Thoracic Outlet. Even Fibromyalgia, would you like a better understanding of your clients' problem and a treatment protocol that can start to make an immediate difference? These results have been obtained routinely in a clinical setting and are now available to you.

Here is the good news. The new Soft Tissue Release Training is based off a change in medical understanding of what pain is and where it is coming from. This means that you can apply this to any treatment therapy you are using, that you really love and are having success with. The STR releases are well demonstrated are interesting and I invite you to incorporate them, but the real goal is to change your understanding and improve your personal and perhaps latent skills that engage self-healing to relieve your client's pain.

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Guaranteed Income

Every day we are bombarded by the media about job losses on a massive scale, foreclosures rising by the thousands every day, shaky financial institutions and banks going under, retail and industrial giants closing their doors forever. This doom and gloom is compounded when experts like Warren Buffet and Donald Trump say it will only get worse.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

After the many wondrous improvements in the medical world dealing with the most serious of conditions and diseases, have their been any improvements in dealing with CTS? The medical approach is still mechanical and focuses on the 'tunnel' and the specific site of pain.

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